Our Projects for 2019-2020

We are embarking on an exciting new program for 2019-2020 and would like to update you on our plans. Our Board of Directors has approved the following projects for 2019-2020 to total $21060.00:


Padhar Mission higher  secondary school - $3000

This year we will provide $3000 to be used to supplement the salaries of the 11 staff and teachers.

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Padhar Mission Primary School - $710

We will provide funding for school uniforms ($350) and the funds to supplement the salary of one teacher ($360).

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Panchsheel Ashram School - $7000

Continuing our "Give Books" program, we will raise $3500 toward books, notebooks and writing supplies for the school year. 

We will add 28 female students to our sponsorship program specifically designed for girls seeking an education. This would be an additional $2800 toward Panchsheel School, and increase our student support from 28.

In addition we will begin a new program to provide sewing machines for girls who finish the sewing/tailoring program. With each machine at $70 we will provide 10 machines for a total of $700.

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School and Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind - $2400

In 2017, we began a sponsorship program for students at the School and Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, a live-in facility for those with developmental and physical challenges. We will continue that program to help fund school fees, uniforms and supplies for each sponsored student. $100 per student for 24 students = $2400.00

DSC_0432 copy.jpg

Happy Valley English School - $2000

For the 2019-2020 school year, we will fund scholarships to be distributed to students at Happy Valley School. Last year, we funded 29 students with a scholarship that provided 20% of their school fees. Click the button below for more information on Happy Valley English School.


St. Mark School, Sarni - $1170

Sarni is a city in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh and is famous for Satpura Thermal Power Station and WCL (Western Coal Fields Limited) mines. St. Mark School is primary and secondary English Medium school and is comprised of 432 students and 35 staff.

This year we will provide 4 computers to furnish their computer lab with all they need. At $292.50 each, we will provide $1170 for this project.

ebenezer educational center - $200

We will continue to support Ebenezer School with a fund of $200 to buy the equipment they need.


Felix convent school - $4580

This year, we will continue our project to raise funds for a new school vehicle for Felix Convent School. Each vehicle provides trips to and from school for village children. Our goal is $2000 this year to add to the $2000 we raised last year.

We will also provide funding for 10 desks and benches. At $58 per desk, we will provide $580 to Felix Convent School. Click the button below for more information on Felix Convent School.