Our Projects for 2018-2019

We are embarking on an exciting new program for 2018-2019 and would like to update you on our plans. Our Board of Directors has approved the following projects for 2018-2019 to total $18,950.00:

Padhar Mission higher  secondary school - $3050

  • Computer and Printer: $900.00 to be used to purchase a new computer and printer for school administration.
  • Maintenance/ Repair: $1000 to be applied to facility improvements and repair.
  • Ceiling Fans: $250 - Last year we provided funds to purchase and install fans in each classroom, and this fund will help provide additional fans to finish the project.
  • Teacher's Emergency Fund: $900 to be used to supplement teacher's salaries.

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Padhar Mission Primary School - $1100

We will provide funding for new school uniforms ($650) and materials ($450) for students: books, paper, pencils and other necessary supplies for each student to succeed.

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Panchsheel Ashram School - $7100

Continuing our "Give Books" program, we will raise $4600 toward books, notebooks and writing supplies for the school year. 

We will add 25 female students to our sponsorship list by creating a new program specifically designed for girls seeking an education. This would be an additional $2500 toward Panchsheel School, and increase our student support from 23 to 48.

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School and Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind - $2300

In 2017, we began a sponsorship program for students at the School and Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, a live-in facility for those with developmental and physical challenges. We will continue that program to help fund school fees, uniforms and supplies for each sponsored student. $100 per student for 23 students = $2300.00

Happy valley english school - $1000

For the 2018-2019 school year, we will fund scholarships to be distributed to students at Happy Valley School. Last year, we funded 13 students with a scholarship that provided 35% of their school fees. Click the button below for more information on Happy Valley English School.


Equipment Fund - $400

  • St. Mark English School, Sarni
  • Ebenezer Educational Center, Shahpur

We will continue to support St. Mark and Ebenezer Schools with a fund of $200 for each school to buy the equipment they need.


Felix convent school - $4000

This year, we will embark on a fundraising project to raise funds for a new school vehicle for Felix Convent School. Each vehicle provides trips to and from school for village children. Our goal is $4000 this year. Click the button below for more information on Felix Convent School.