Yesterday, we visited our partners at the Padhar Mission Primary School and the Mission Higher Secondary School.

The Primary School serves children in the 1st-5th grade and currently has 130 students. They receive money from the government to support their teachers, but the funding is precarious and does not provide for supplies like books, notebooks, supplies and school uniforms. Amy brought a gift of pencils and pencil sharpeners for the children and the teachers decided to give them to each student as a gift after they'd finished their exams! In 2017, we provided new uniforms for the students and we look forward to helping them into the future. 

The Mission Higher Secondary School serves children in the 6th-12th grades. Today was the first day of testing as they finish up the school year. These students will take exams over the next 10 days in all subjects: Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Social Studies, Maths,  Science, Chemistry, Psychics, etc. etc. etc. 

We passed on your gifts and good wishes and the teachers expressed their gratitude for our partnership.