What can you say about the amazing Panchsheel School? Not only does it serve as an educational center for grades one through 12, it is also a living facility and home to almost 600 children. The amount of staff and supplies is enormous as you can imagine. Not only does the teaching staff stay for extended lessons, tutoring help, help with meals and other assigned duties, but the wardens and additional staff stay overnight with the children and help them wash, eat and prepare for the school day. All this to create a warm and loving environment in which the children can learn. For the past three years we have been involved in providing books and supplies for the 600 children of Panchsheel school. Think about that. How much does it cost one teacher in the US to purchase supplies for one classroom per year. It’s a lot of money. But it is also an investment in the future of children. If they have the right tools now, they can accomplish all they dream.

Panchsheel School serves a large tribal area on the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, in the Maharashtra state located near the town of Bahiram. It serves the Gond and Korku tribes, poor children from 1st grade to 12th. Currently, they have 580 students.