Today is Market Day in Padhar. All the farmers come and set up their stalls, displaying their fruits and veggies to look their best. The spices are poured into display bowls or into large pyramid-like mounds. the kitchen ware is organized to display the variety of items available. Shoppers comes with their bags and fill them full of rice, wheat flour and lentils, enough for the whole week.


Today I went shopping for a rolling pin. I had noticed one in the Guest House kitchen and I knew this was the item I would search for at the market: it is made of wood, thin and carved just so. Perfect for my cookie baking needs. As I walked through the market, I asked some of the ladies selling pots and pans if they had rolling pins, but no. They were really effective sales people and even almost convinced me to buy a pan I didn’t need, because it was so large and shiny.

My camera gets a lot of attention at the market, so I did a series of photos of men who were proud of their stalls. One asked me to take a photo of him, then he directed me to take photos of his friends in their own stalls. Very funny!

I found my rolling pin and was happy with the day.

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