In 2017-2018, in partnership with Padhar Hospital, we started a scholarship program to benefit the children of hospital and teaching staff. Those who work as nurses, attendants, drivers, technicians at the hospital were eligible and we proudly supported 16 scholarships.

For the current school year, our program expanded as the word got out that this was an opportunity for staff children to attend Happy Valley. We had 14 eligible students apply from our previous recipients and with an additional 15 new students, our current scholarships number 29! Our FoPS Scholarships provided 20-25% of the annual school fees for each student. 

As we gathered for a photograph of all the scholarship recipients and their families, I said these words to them, “I represent donors who love you and support you and want you to have a good education.” Many thanks to First UMC Redondo Beach for your support of this program. Because there is such an interest, we will be doubling our goals to provide more opportunity for more children this coming year.