When the new school year began in July, students at Padhar Mission Higher Secondary School returned to an improved school thanks to your donations!  At the conclusion of the previous school year, Friends of Padhar Schools sent $3050 to the Mission School and they used the funding to complete the following projects:


Ceiling Fans - The school is now equipped with 2 electric fans per classroom, and our donation was used to pay for the ceiling fans themselves and also to pay for running electricity into each of the ten classrooms.


New Computer and Printer - The Mission School and its 200 students are dependent on one computer and one printer to produce all paper materials for exams, classwork and homework assignments , and that computer and printer were both failing. 

Flooring repairs and a water delivery system - Our funding provided the opportunity to purchase and install a water pump to deliver water to various locations on the campus.  

Teacher's stipend - We were also able to provide an emergency fund for teachers salaries for the year. 

A Note from Mr. Horeb Rao, Principal of the Mission Higher Secondary School:

Loving greetings to you and all the members and friends of Mission High School Padhar . We gratefully acknowledge your kind concern for our services.

Once again we all are immensely thanks from the bottom of our heart the precious help we had received from you all, it shows yours solidarity toward our school and services.

Thanking you all.

Horeb Rao, all staff and students, Mission High School Padhar