This is the first time we've hosted a booth to distribute information, network with potential connections and do a little fundraising. I am on Day 2 of the 4-day gathering of the California-Pacific Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Representatives from over 300 churches are here and on their break time, they visit the booths, find out about programs and do a little shopping. This year we had several artists and friends donate over $1000 worth of items: artisan soap, jewelry made with succulents, beautiful piece of handmade jewelry, reusable gift bags, handmade cards and many other items. This sale will fund our scholarship program for Happy Valley English School in Padhar, India. 

Two days into the conference and we've sold $637.00 worth of merchandise! We still have 2 days left and hopefully we will reach our goal!

The other good news is that, so far, we've raised $500 for our Student Sponsorship program and our Give Books program. Overall, this has been a awesome experience to get the word out and introduce people to our work.