So, I have been in India for 14 days - 2 full weeks of travel and sight-seeing, adventures and visits. I still have 3 busy days here, 3 days that include tours of Panchsheel School and Felix Convent School, check in's with our students, meetings with teachers and programs "in my honor." But I am feeling the need to explain why this time in India is important for me.

It is not a spiritual retreat - it is too busy and too loud and too crazy for that.

It is not a holiday - or it is not ONLY a holiday.

It is not "work" as in drudgery or meaningless tasks.

It is more like a homecoming. For the people, the food, the sights and sounds, the smells, the laughter of children, knowing that I am contributing to the goodness of the world, knowing I am helpful.

I do miss my people in the US, my family and friends and I miss my Po, and that's why I come back. But in the back of my mind I am always planning for my return, checking my internal calendar to see how long I can stay away.

So - as I finish up my work here in Panchsheel and Felix, my heart is full. I thank you, for letting me share this experience with you. And I will see you soon!

(There will be more posts to come, just thought I'd take a moment of personal privilege.)