The children of Riviera UMC donated lot and lots of pencils and pencil sharpeners to our efforts and while we were in Padhar, we distributed them to two schools: half went to the teachers of the Padhar Mission Primary School and the other half went to the teachers at the School and Rehabilitation Center for the Blind. As exams had just begun and were schedule to last several more days and into the next week - the teachers plan to give them as a “completion gift” and the children finish their exams, as a special bonus.

We also passed on bookmarks and personalized letters made by the children of First UMC Redondo Beach for the children of Happy Valley English School. Friends of Padhar Schools also donated a digital camera to each of our fours major schools: Mission Higher Secondary School, Happy Valley English School, the Blind school and Panchsheel School. Hopefully this will ease our communication and help us tell the stories of our schools, students, teachers and staff.